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Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it's one of the best.
-- Woody Allen
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I'm really disappointed in the selection of 27" bike tires. I guess it could be worse, I could be looking for 650b.

My LBS stocks some crap bike cheapo bike tires. I had to patch/change my rear tube about 15 times last summer before I gave up, and hung my bike from the rafters.

I'm looking online, and I'm completely cheaping out on kevlar belted tires. I'll probably go with these Michelins:

Current Mood: pensive pensive

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I posed my 6-year-old niece's barbie for a photo once I discovered that it had a removable head. My niece said "don't move it", and then ran to my desk, grabbed a legal pad and pencil, and then made a quick sketch.

She goes through a whole legal pad per visit. I've started buying in bulk.

I spent NYE drinking beers at home (not to excess) and playing video games until 4 am. Slept til 1 the next afternoon.
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Current Music: Best Coast - Our Deal

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toasted peeps are the best!
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Oh Norway. I still care about you. I dedicate this song to you. I saw Død Snø the other night, and there was a little suspense mixed with a lot of gore. Not sure if I want to go to your cabin this Spring in the mountains, unless there is a cell phone tower nearby, and/or you've checked the area thoroughly for nazi zombies, or unless we bring Chris aka Jenny Skavlan along because she seemed really friendly in the film.
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I mean - my sense of time is just woah

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instead of gold spray paint, substitute Oblivion and Bioshock. Work is kinda busier, but damn. Staying up til 2 playing video games kind of wipes one out.

actually, according to the site I stole this from, this was a halloween costume.

p.s. i now officially hate snow, even if i did enjoy shoveling last night and this morning.
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widdershins. why has that word fallen out of favor? It's such a great word. Fun to say, fun to hear.
Widdershins (sometimes withershins, widershins or widderschynnes) means to take a course opposite the apparent motion of the sun (in the Northern hemisphere), going counterclock-wise, lefthandwise, or to circle an object, by always keeping it on the left.[1] The Oxford English Dictionary's entry cites the earliest uses of the word from 1513, where it was found in the phrase widdersyns start my hair, i.e my hair stood on end.

I've entered winter hibernation mode. Or rather, I've been in hibernation mode for over a month now. How does this differ from my summer mode? Well, I run/bike ride less often.

My backyard:

Current Location: The moon
Current Mood: cold cold
Current Music: Sun Kil Moon - Four Fingered Fisherman | Powered by Last.fm

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A cook asks another cook - "Cook, what do you do for a living? Are you police officer?" "No" - says the second cook - " My major job is a cook. Muhahahahah. And yours?" "Muahahahahah. Haaaaaah. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" "And you? You must be a doctor, cook, no? Muahahahahah " "I'm a cook".

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Current Music: The Avett Brothers - I And Love And You